After graduating my trade where I spent years mastering the art of painting.I couldn’t help to see that Aluminium Frame Painting was a skill that come naturally to me. I promised myself that when I was ready to start my own company, I would focus only in this specialised industry, so that my customers can rest assured that they have the best in the industry! When you look at my Gallery pictures you can see I have mastered the art of  re-vamping any out of date, damaged door frames, handrails, shop fronts etc ect,

About Us

We are a local business that is focused on offering you reliable and high-quality customer services. If it’s a residential or commercial property, we have the right products for your different sliding doors, windows, and frames.

Therefore, the net project will be a success; you can reach out to us via our website to get additional details on our offerings and get a chance to partner with us in your next architectural project.

We have been making sliding doors, aluminum windows, and frames for over two decades. This makes us experienced and skilled to handle different issues springing in our way. Additionally, we will offer you advice on aluminum sliding doors, hardware, finishing, and powder coatings.

Therefore, you have a guarantee of the best products and services, and we can discuss your next project’s requirements. Just contact us today on our official website, and our customer support agents will get in touch with you.


Why you Should Powder Coat your Doors and Windows

Powder coatings are one of the most commonly used paints in aluminum windows and doors. It’s ideal for property owners who want their door and window frames to have a new and fresh look. Besides the standard coats, there are elegant wood grain finishes and other modern color powder coating designs.

With 25 years’ experience in making sliding, doors, windows and powder coatings, you can count on us to deliver pure gold to your residential doors and windows. Considering our vast experience in the industry and skilled personnel, we always choose the right tools for the job.

Whether you want us to renovate your aluminum windows, sliding door, and frames, we will handle the task with precision and leave it looking better than even when it was still new.

Processes in Powder Coating

We use a simple process when powder coating your sliding doors, aluminum windows, and frames. However, the process is highly effective and divided into three stages. These are:

  1. Pre-Treatment: The pre-treatment phase involves the removal of dust, grease, and other foreign particles. It aims to make the surface cleaner to ensure the powder coating sticks to the surface.
  2. Application of Powder Coats: This is the second step, and we apply the powder coating using powder material bonds to your windows, doors, or frames. This will complete the finishing.
  3. Curing: This is the last step, and we cure the powder coatings using ovens. These ovens will melt the powder, which hardens after cooling down. The product will form an exceptionally tight and smooth bonding with the metal. And finally, you will have a colored finish which will last longer than the regular paint.

Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is ideal for aluminum applications and allows flexibility to decorate them to match your home colors. Besides, there are different types of shades, including the wood grain, which are beautiful and well-designed to keep your aluminum windows lasting longer. Below are the benefits of powder coatings:


After you powder coat the windows, doors, or frames, they will be resistant against weather elements that cause their tears and wears over time. And in coastal locations, the salty air will quickly degrade your windows, doors, or frames. Powder coating enhances their protection and ensures they last for more than 15 years in your home.


The powder coating which fails to stick to the surface is reusable to minimize wastage. And since the powder coatings are applied in sealed environments, there will be minimum or no pollution risk.

Requires Low Maintenance

After the coats are applied, you won’t do many routine practices on your doors besides the usual cleaning. The usual sanding, stain or re-painting processes are not required; instead, a simple clean will leave them sparkling.


Since the powder coatings are available in different designs and colors, you will choose one that matches your home décor. It will be easily to develop and maintain a color schema in your doors, frames, and windows. Some of the top colors are matt and gloss finishes.

Richer Color

The powder coats will provide a richer and deeper color in your sliding doors and windows. Therefore, you won’t need to re-paint the home when the paint starts to fade away.

Powder Coating for Windows in Coastal Locations

If you are living in a coating area, then your windows should be designed differently. The aluminum powder is first divided into different lengths then patented before it’s made to the right size to match your doors and windows. This is because if the aluminum is cut with a saw, there will be visible ugly edges, and even if not visible, they will affect the beauty of the block.

The window joints are sealed well in the aluminum windows. And if they will be installed in exposed locations, they are sealed with a reliable gap sealant. If this is not done, then the paint and the aluminum window will get damaged over time.

The glasses are coated with fading-resistant weather-resistant powder coatings. The surfaces of the marine glasses are treated using gloss, which is resistant to color fading. The product is available for select pigments.

Besides, we will also give your windows additional enhancement to offer maximum protection in exposed or aggressive environments. Therefore, you will buy our sliding doors, aluminum windows, and frames which will easily weather off the bad and unpredictable weather in your location.

Depending on your location, we will choose the appropriate marine powder coater for you. We use the information you have filled in our form and choose the thicker coating paint and seal your window joints.

Ensure you clean them regularly to leave them sparkling. Therefore, our windows will last for a minimum of 7 years even if the weather is extremely aggressive. And since it’s important to prioritize quality, you won’t need to buy windows after every short period.